Spred: Connecting Thrifters with Thrift Shops in Real-Time.

Before Spred: You're praying that your death pile sells.

After Spred: You're kept in the loop with trending items that are guaranteed to flip - but better yet, you know which thrift stores have em 👀.

For Resellers

Thrifters, and resellers: Why is is that we have to guess what type of item, brand, and products sell?

What if, instead of going on Youtube, Google, Instagram, and checking what recently sold on eBay, that the research process was completely centralized?

What if, there was a marketplace that helped you source items that have a good chance of re-selling, while you sit your butt at home?

Meet Spred - where we help you find trending products/brands/styles and match you to the thrift stores that have those items in real-time.

For Thrift Stores

Why is that eBay, Depop, and Mercari don't provide tools and support to thrift stores who want to sell online? Honestly, it's bullshit.

We're the first marketplace that helps thrift and consignment stores participate in the re-commerce economy, and we help you sell online - it's that simple.

Upload your inventory to Shopify, Google Sheets, or any other POS system and we'll take care of the marketing + selling for you.