Save time selling clothes online.

Upload, manage, analyze, and sell your clothes on all online marketplaces - Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari and more.

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You click one button ๐Ÿ•น. You publish on all marketplaces.

  • Templates

    Use our pre-made templates to spend less time filling out information.
  • Mass Upload

    Upload an excel or google sheets to take your inventory management to the next level.
  • Advanced AI

    Upload a photo - and our tech automatically recognizes what type of item it is.

One Inbox for all of your Messages ๐Ÿ“ฅ

Quickly get to the messages you most care about.

  • Categorized Messages

    We're looking to categorize buyers' messages into 3 sections: "Interested", "Not Interested", and "Maybe" - allowing you to focus on the highest opportunities.
  • Automated Messages

    Schedule & send follow up messages, review requests, and batch messages in your inbox.
  • Auto Delete Listings

    Sold it on Poshmark? Delete it everywhere else.

Save time. Sell More. All Through Data ๐Ÿ“Š

Advanced analytics to help you grow.

  • Live, Real Time Data

    See the reach, engagement, and responses each piece of clothing has generated in real time.
  • Intelligent Insights

    Get personalized suggestions on what brand and styles of clothes you should source, market demand, and more.

Pricing for everyone ๐Ÿท

Try it out free for two weeks - no credit card required.

  • Side hustle

    • 1 User
    • 3 integrations
    • 10 Clothes Sold
    • Limited Inbox Features
    • Limited Analytics Features
    • Unlimited Support
    • Free, Dedicated Demo
  • Part Time

    • 5 users
    • Unlimited Integrations
    • Unlimited Clothes Sold
    • Premium Inbox Features
    • Premium Analytics
    • Unlimited Support + Video Calls
    • Free, Dedicated Demo
  • Full Time

    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Integrations
    • Unlimited Clothes Sold
    • Premium Team Inbox Features
    • Premium Team Analytics
    • Dedicated Success Agent
    • Onboarding Webinar Series

Spred is not just software.

It's fast. It's everything you need. It's centralized. It's hands off. It's what you need to save time time and also grow your business. Built by people who hustled and sold clothes before. We listen, and it's now time that we create.

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